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LED DMX Dimmer Pack, E-Control, 4x4-V3 (Discountinued) - RGBW - DMX Decoder

Litegear Inc

  • $29995

DISCOUNTINUED replaced by DMX-4x5A

E-Control 4x4-V3 is one of LiteGear’s economical DMX decoders that also allows for local, manual control. Its light weight and low profile lends itself to being built into nearly any rig and can adapt to any situation, whether DMX control is required or not, through the use of its onboard controls. The 4x4-V3 is adaptable to a number of situations, allowing for the control of multicolor red-green-blue-white/amber (RGBW/A) LED rigs in addition to one circuit of RGB LiteRibbon®, two circuits of Hybrid LiteRibbon, and four circuits of Single LiteRibbon.

Documentations :

E-Control 4X4-V3 LED DMX Dimmer Pack User Guide

Movie Grade for dimming

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