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Flame Simulator Device for bulb 120Vac

Creation et Design Electrique Inc

  • $9995

This great product is a flame simulator for regular incandescent or halogen 120Vac bulbs

Any bulbs up to 100 Watts.

Plug Nema 1-15P and Receptacle Nema 1-15R

Others configurations are available on specific requests, please call us : 514-276-4732

Remark : The view in real is much better than the video!

Desk Lamp Example

Bulb Example

Object Example

Fuse Replacement:

Unplug The device, remove 4 phillips screws, open cover, fuse holder is white, pop fuse out and replace with a 1.0 amp 5x20mm fuse, reinstall cover before operating

DIP Switch Settings:

Switch #1 – depth of flicker.
a)down = subtle flicker, best candle effect.
b)up = lamps dim deeper.

Switch #2 – speed of flicker.
a)down = slow, best candle effect.
b)up = fast.

Switch #3 – intensity.
a) down = dim mode, best candle effect.
b) up = bright mod


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