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Terms and Conditions

Delivery time : Delivery times are estimated deadlines. Creation and Design electric Inc. could not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by delay in delivery of any kind whatsoever. Times are in business days.

We usually deliver within 1-4 days across Canada.
We mainly use Canada Post

the shipping rate depends on the product and its weight, it will be determined at the checkout with the delivery address.

Return of merchandise : All equipment orders cannot be cancelled or returned unless previously agreed in writing

Transport : All goods remain under the responsibility of the customer and/or the carrier, unless it are personally carried by Creation and Design electric Inc. In this case, Creation and Design electric Inc. will assume responsibility.

Installation : Creation and Design electric Inc. assumes no liability electrical equipment operation-level if such equipment have been installed by others, unless Creation and Design electric Inc. provides a supervisor at the facility or give written consent. All construction work including electrical facility are customer responsibility.

Responsibility : Creation and Design electric Inc. will assume its responsibility if

  • The use is consistent with the performance specifications provided for purposes of bid.
  • Equipment are installed according to the provided plan.
  • The installation conforms to the standards of installation and maintenance.

Warranty : Equipment new provided by Creation and Design electric Inc. is a one (1) year warranty on parts only, somes exclusions may applied. refurbished equipment by Creation and Design electric Inc. carries a guarantee of (1) a month on parts.The warranty begins when the contract is finished by Creation and Design electric Inc.

The warranty covers:

  • the defective piece,
  • diagnostics,
  • and priority service in the normal business hours

The warranty does not cover:

  • Non-compliant facilities.
  • The repair time required for the replacement of the defective part (unless otherwise specified)
  • Travel time and travel (unless otherwise specified)
  • Related expenses (meals - accommodation), cleaning, training
  • Any problem related directly or indirectly to misuse
  • Any problem not detected

Limitation of liability : Despite the precautions taken, Creation and Design electric Inc. cannot be held liable for any loss of use, profits, revenue or time stop, as well as all costs incurred to recover, reprogram, reproduce any program or any data kept in memory that can be generated during equipment failure.

Certifications : Regarding the complexity of each project, some equipment may not have all necessary certifications regarding the local regulation. it is the customer responsibility to be conform and to follow the local regulation.

Intellectual property right : Creation and Design electric Inc. retains the intellectual property rights on all equipments, systems and methods he develops. It also reserves the right of resale on the products developed under the project.                                                                    

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