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Wire Stripper Tool size 10-20 awg

Wire Stripper Tool size 10-20 awg

Creation et Design Electrique Inc

  • $995
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1. Overall heat treatment: High quality 65 manganese steel forging, overall heat treatment, higher hardness, toughness, durable, longer use time.
2. Sharp cutting edge, precise size: The blade of high-frequency quenching, surface polishing treatment, professional pliers, high hardness, accurate stripping, shear strength, sharp and durable.
3. Pliers opens smoothly: The clamp body is painted with antirust paint, which is not easy to rust, beautiful and elegant, and with plier lock
4. Environmental protection material, comfortable handle: The handle conforms to the human body mechanical design, grasps the feeling to be comfortable, uses the environmental protection material, antiskid, wear-resisting, demonstrates the quality

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