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Rental - Floor Warming Tester (1 week) - Replaced

Creation et Design Electrique Inc

  • $000

DISCONTINUED, because the complexity of floor warming tests

We stop the rental of this product and we offer now the complete service of testing on site only.

Please call us at 514-276-4732 or email us :

We rent a very good tester for Floor Warming. Of course, most of the manufacture require to do all electric connections and all test process by a qualified electrician. We sell a package (see below)

You must perform several test to validate the good installation of your floor warming

To avoid damaging the heating cable spool due to handling,
we recommend turning the box over to remove the spool from the packaging box.
Then pick up the spool from underneath the heating cable coil, but not by the cardboard washers.

1: Conductor Resistance+Test (Ω) to compare with cable spec.
2: Continuity between Conductor and Ground Braid+Test (Infini or OL)
3: Insulation Resistance+Test (usually 1KV test) (Infini or MΩ)
4: Thermostat Floor Temperature Sensor (kΩ)

Probe Temperature Resistance ºC reference :
10ºC 18.1kΩ
15ºC 14.8kΩ
20ºC 12.1kΩ
25ºC 10.0kΩ
30ºC 8.3kΩ

We also sell a package with an qualified electrician for 399.00$ + taxes (3 visits on site with the tester) for Montreal Area (Qc). Certain conditions apply

Please contact us @ 514-276-4732 or by email @

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